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Appraisal has emerged for over two decades as a framework for investigating how language is used to evaluate, to adopt stances, to construct textual personas and to manage interpersonal positioning and relationships. It is an extension of the linguistic theories of M.A.K. Halliday, and is developed by a group of linguists inAustralia. The research aims at providing an overview of Appraisal framework and examining how it is used in discourse analysis, especially in multimodal discourse analysis, both domestically and internationally. It was found that Appraisal has been widely deployed as framework for investigation into interpersonal meaning conveyed in a range of genres; however, this framework is still quite new inVietnam. The findings can be seen as a useful reference to those who are interested in doing discourse analysis in the light of Appraisal.


appraisal; discourse analysis; interpersonal meaning; multimodal

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